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A thermal paste acts as a highly conductive medium between the hot surface of a CPU/GPU and the heat sink which is further connected with the fans to provide necessary cooling action. Thermal paste is crucial for the working of a computer, and you cannot use a computer for more than 5 minutes without thermal paste as the CPU will overheat and shut down the computer altogether. If you want to apply fresh thermal paste on your new system, or simply reapplying it on an older one, consider the following aspects before you buy one.Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity of a thermal paste represents its capability to transfer heat from one surface to another. The conductivity is available in the W/mK unit where higher is always better.Included Quantity: The thermal paste is packed in a syringe before shipping and it is available in a certain quantity per syringe. Generally, you will get a few grams of thermal paste per syringe that you can apply to your CPU.The density of The Paste: The thermal paste is in a semi solid state which makes it kind of difficult to apply. If the density of paste is too low, it can slip past the surface and enter the CPU socket and potentially damage the CPU socket permanently.The thermal pastes that you are going to find on our list of the best thermal paste are carefully curated on the basis of above mentioned factors and a few more essential characteristics. If you want to know more about thermal pastes, make sure you take a look at our “Buying Guide” for the best thermal paste available later in the article. Also, check out each option carefully to find the best option in your budget.Outline9 Best Thermal Paste in 2021Best Thermal Paste in 2021: Reviews1. ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Paste2. Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste3. Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste4. Nabob Deals Thermal Paste5. Thermal Grizzly Thermal Paste6. Flux Thermal Paste7. GELID GC-Extreme Thermal Paste8. LANSH Arctic Silver Thermal Paste9. SYY Thermal PasteBuying Guide For The Best Thermal PasteThermal ConductivityQuantity of Thermal PasteThermal Paste CompoundTDP of Your SystemConclusion9 Best Thermal Paste in 2021Best Thermal PasteIncluded QuantityThermal ConductivityTemperature RangeBuy NowARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Paste4 grams8.5 W/mK--Check On AmazonNoctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste3.5 grams---50°C to 110°CCheck On AmazonArctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste3.5 grams8.5 W/mK-50°C to 130°CCheck On AmazonNabob Deals Thermal Paste3.5 grams----Check On AmazonThermal Grizzly Thermal Paste5.55 grams12.5 W/mK-250°C to 350°CCheck On AmazonFlux Thermal Paste1.5 grams3.2 W/mK--Check On AmazonGELID GC-Extreme Thermal Paste3.5 grams8.5 W/mK-45°C to 180°CCheck On AmazonLANSH Arctic Silver Thermal Paste3.5 grams9 W/mK-50°C to 130°CCheck On AmazonSYY Thermal Paste2 grams15.7 W/mK-30°C to 280°CCheck On AmazonBest Thermal Paste in 2021: Reviews1. ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal PasteArctic is a well-known brand for many users as they offer a variety of thermal paste within different price ranges. Their MX series thermal paste is one of the most popular options as it is highly affordable.We are placing one of the most affordable options from our picks of the best thermal paste on the top of our list as it has been a favored choice for many users in the past. Arctic MX uses its proven formula to make the MX-4 thermal paste to offer you a standard 8.9 W/mK thermal conductivity. It has excellent temperature reduction performance which makes it an ideal choice for CPU as well as GPU applications. The MX-4 compound is completely metal free and electrically non-conductive to save your parts from electrical damage.Because the Arctic MX-4 does not contain any metal or Silicon proportion, it tends to last longer than those that do, giving this paste a possible lifespan of over 8 years after a single application. The MX-4 thermal paste is designed in such a way that it maintains ideal consistency and makes the application part much easier for first time users.Best Features:Budget friendly thermal pasteThe available quantity is 4 grams5 W/mK thermal conductivityOperating temperature is between -50°C to 110°C8 years approximate lifespanmetal and Silicone free compoundPros: Designed with known and trusted Arctic formulaHighly popular choiceThe expected lifespan is highCons:Applicator is not includedBuy Now From Amazon2. Noctua NT-H1 Thermal PasteNoctua is a premium brand that only deals with computer cooling peripherals such as cabinet fans, CPU coolers, and also thermal pastes. The following choice from Noctua is highly premium, yet very popular amongst users.Our 2nd pick is also coming from a well-known brand in the industry called Noctua. The Noctua NT-H1 is probably the only choice available in the market right now that you can trust without thinking too much about its specifications. This is a premium grade thermal paste that is suitable for both CPU and GPU applications. Because of its high performance, the Noctua NT-H1 has over 150 awards under its belts with a lot more recommendations.The Noctua NT-H1 comes in a 3.5 grams syringe which makes it easy to apply over any heat sink surface. Also, it is easy to clean off the surface if the application goes wrong or if you are removing previously applied thermal paste at the time of cleaning. It does not require any alcohol to clean and can be cleaned with dry paper towels due to its high density. The Noctua NT-H1 is completely electrical resistant and non-corrosive that increases its lifespan tenfolds. If there is some thermal paste left after application, you can store it for up to 3 years and use it again to deliver the same performance.Best Features:The available quantity is 3.5 gramsOver 150 awards and recommendationsOperating temperature is between -50°C to 110°CPremium grade thermal pasteSafe from electrical and corrosion damageCan be stored for up to 3 yearsPros: The suitable life cycle is 5 yearsMultiple applications are possibleDoes not degrade after storingCons:Thermal conductivity is not specifiedBuy Now From Amazon3. Arctic Silver 5 Thermal PasteWe are back with yet another feature from Arctic. As we mentioned, Arctic produces multiple options for different budgets and it’s silver thermal pastes are yet another affordable choice from its lineup.Made with a 99.9% pure micronized silver composition, our 3rd pick for the best thermal paste brings a lot of performance and reliability to the table. The Arctic Silver 5 has a standard thermal conductivity of 8.5 W/mK available with 3.5 grams of paste present in every package. The paste is also completely electrically non-conductive, which is an important factor if you are going to apply the thermal paste on a computer. Also, the thermal paste has a thick composition and high density that avoid problems like bleeding and over deposition.The string itself, that holds the thermal paste, is designed in such a way that you can apply the thermal paste from the syringe directly without needing an applicator. You can then store the excess thermal paste in the same syringe and store it until it’s required again. Arctic suggests -50°C to 130°C temperature range for Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. Also, The Arctic Silver 5 does not contain any Silicon in the composition, which has many advantages.Best Features:One of the most affordable thermal pastesThe available quantity is 3.5 grams5 W/mK thermal conductivityOperating temperature is between -50°C to 130°CCompletely electrically non-conductiveCompletely Silicon freePros: Easy to apply and storeSuitable temperature range is greatStandard thermal conductivityCons:Quantity should have been moreBuy Now From Amazon4. Nabob Deals Thermal PasteNabob deals is rather a different type of brand compared to other options present on our list today as it manufactured many different types of products along with a thermal paste. But still, it has sold many products in the past with a highly positive response from its users.The Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Cooling Compound offered by Nabob Deals has nearly 88% thermally conductive filler present in its composition for every unit weight. Along with micronized silver, there are other compounds present such as zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, and boron nitride which extends its thermal conductivity further ahead. Nabob Deals also includes a dedicated thermal paste applicator with 3.5 grams syringe of this thermal paste so that this unique, high-density product can be applied easily over critical surfaces.Once properly installed, the Nabob Deals Arctic Silver 5 offers a high level of performance thanks to its standard thermal conductivity level that brings the CPU temperature down and allows it to perform faster. And with the lowered temperature levels, the performance seems to stabilize completely. If you make the application layer up to 0.003 inches thick for every application, you can get a lot of installations done with the same syringe. After application, you will see an effective drop in the temperature of your CPU up to 3 to 12 degrees.Best Features:The available quantity is 3.5 gramsPerformance is greatComes with a dedicated applicator88% thermally conductive fillerUp to 3 to 12 degrees temperature drop for CPUsZInc oxide, aluminum oxide, and boron nitride present with silverPros: Chemical composition is greatSuitable for a number of applicationsCan be used with CPUs as well as GPUsCons:Suitable temperature range is not mentionedBuy Now From Amazon5. Thermal Grizzly Thermal PasteUp next, we have the best thermal paste money can buy coming from a premium brand called Thermal Grizzly. This brand has a high reputation for providing great products such as the thermal paste mentioned here.If your primary requirements are the sheer quantity of thermal paste as well as the thermal conductivity, then look no further. The Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste is going to be the best option for you, considering it’s over the top 12.5 W/mK thermal conductivity paired with 5.55 grams quantity available on every syringe. Such high thermal conductivity offers a suitable temperature range of -250°C to 350°C which is perfectly suitable for all types of applications.As the suitable temperature range is high, you should prefer this option if you have a high performance graphics card or CPU that you are going to overclock after your build is finished. The Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste is specially designed to provide a stable performance after overclocking as it manages to keep the temperature levels in control even when the components are operating at a faster clock rate. The Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste does not have any cure time and offers long term stability that allows users to store it for years before using it again.Best Features:Most premium thermal pasteDesigned for overclocked systemsThe available quantity is 5.55 grams5 W/mK thermal conductivityOperating temperature is between -250°C to 350°CBest choice for 24*7 running systemsPros: One of the best thermal conductivity availableIncluded quantity is highest in comparisonSuitable for long term applicationsCons:Very expensive thermal pasteBuy Now From Amazon6. Flux Thermal PasteFor casual applications, you should not need to spend a lot of money on premium thermal paste. Instead, you can go with brands like FLUX for an affordable choice.Now that you have looked at the most premium thermal paste let us introduce you to the most affordable thermal paste available on our picks. The FLUX Thermal Paste comes at a fraction of the price compared to the premium options available today. On top of that, FlUX has included 5 syringes in every package so that you can use them for up to 5 different applications without worrying about storage. The thermal conductivity for this thermal paste is around 3.2 W/mK, whereas each syringe consists of 1.5 grams of thermal paste.The Flux Thermal Paste is very easy to use, considering all you have to do is open one of the syringes and apply the paste directly on the heatsink without any additional step. The paste is made up of polysynthetic grease for enhanced performance. It is a great choice for CPUs and GPUs, especially if you own multiple systems in your home or office.Best Features:Most affordable thermal pasteThe available quantity is 1.5 grams per syringe2 W/mK thermal conductivity5 different syringes are included in every packageSilver poly synthetic grease pasteEasy to use for multiple applicationsPros: Thermal paste is already separated for easy applicationsEasy to storeComposition is goodCons:Thermal conductivity is very lowBuy Now From Amazon7. GELID GC-Extreme Thermal PasteGelid is not as popular a brand as other choices mentioned on our picks today. But, it is a great brand for those who need a commercial level thermal paste under an affordable price tag.The GELID GC-Extreme thermal paste is specially designed for extreme application where you would require higher thermal conductivity than standard thermal pastes. This paste will offer you a thermal conductivity of 8.5 W/mK over a total quantity of 3.5 grams available per package. With such high conductivity, GELID GC-Extreme promises the best performance in this budget range. It will also grant much needed stability to your CPU at the time of overclocking.There is a dedicated GELID applicator present in the package that you can use to apply the thermal paste easily over any surface. Due to its high thermal conductivity, GELID GC-Extreme offers suitable temperature limits from -45°C to 180°C. Keep in mind that this thermal paste is offering the highest temperature range compared to any other option in the present market right now.Best Features:Extreme application thermal pasteSuitable for server computers and crypto mining rigsThe available quantity is 3.5 grams5 W/mK thermal conductivity-45°C to 180°C suitable temperature rangeEasier to apply with the applicatorPros: Suitable for special purpose systemsSuitable temperature range is best in this class73g/cm³ paste density for easier installationCons:Quantity should have been moreBuy Now From Amazon8. LANSH Arctic Silver Thermal PasteWe have yet another thermal paste offered by Arctic present on our list. Here, we are including the most heavy duty thermal paste designed by Arctic for heavy applications.The Arctic Silver thermal paste mentioned here is one of the best thermal paste you can find in the market in terms of thermal conductivity and ease of usage. The Arctic Silver thermal paste comes with high thermal conductivity of 9 W/mK that could easily be used for personal as well as commercial applications without any second thought. As for the temperature range, Arctic has specified the range from -50°C to 130°C so it should not be a problem for most applications.The Arctic Silver thermal paste is made up of high density micronized silver with conductive ceramic particles introduced in the paste to provide heightened thermal conductivity while avoiding electrical conductivity altogether. This paste has a managed triple phase viscosity which makes it much easier to install. Thus, giving your system perfect stability even when working under heavy load for a longer duration.Best Features:Most powerful thermal paste from ArcticThe available quantity is 3.5 grams9 W/mK thermal conductivityOperating temperature is between -50°C to 130°CMicronized silver paste with ceramic particlesTriple phase ViscosityPros: System stability will be balancedCompletely electrically non-conductiveThermal conductivity is highCons:Very limited quantity is providedBuy Now From Amazon9. SYY Thermal PasteNot all thermal pastes are manufactured for gaming and working computers. There are a handful of brands like the SYY which specifically manufacturers heavy duty thermal pastes for special purpose systems that require extensive cooling performance.In the end, we have reserved the best thermal paste from our list in terms of thermal conductivity. Coming from SYY, the SYY thermal paste offers a very high thermal conductivity of up 15.7 W/mK that introduces many more applications for this paste. For starters, it can be used with a high temperature range starting from -30°C all the way up to 280°C which is not possible with standard thermal pastes. On top of that, it is also a completely metal free and electrically non-conductive thermal paste which avoids short circuits and similar hazards.With such high thermal conductivity, SYY thermal paste turns out to be a much better option even than liquid metal, which is considered perfect for heavy duty applications. Also, it is available at less than half the cost of a premium thermal paste which is a great advantage for its buyers. Along with the 2 gram syringe, you will find a dedicated paste applicator from SYY which makes the whole process faster and doable for freshers that are handling the thermal paste for the first time.Best Features:Special purpose thermal pasteMetal free and electrically non-conductiveComes with a paste applicatorThe available quantity is 2 grams7 W/mK thermal conductivityOperating temperature is between -30°C to 280°CPros: Highest thermal conductivity in comparisonDelivers high performance and stabilitySuitable temperature range is greatCons:Quantity is very lowBuy Now From AmazonBuying Guide For The Best Thermal PasteYour computer consists of many electronic parts that are passing a significant amount of current through them while you are using the computer. Every electronic product that deals with flow electrical current also has to deal with rising temperature. The rise in temperature is quite high in parts like the CPU and GPU that have the highest load on your computer.Hence, dedicated cooling systems are provided for these peripherals so that the temperature can be controlled. But for the efficient performance of the cooling system itself, you need a thermal conductivity catalyst called a thermal paste on the surface of the CPU/GPU chip. Here are some important specifications of a thermal paste that affects its performance and the overall thermal status of your computer.Thermal ConductivityAs we are discussing the factors that affect the performance of a thermal paste, let’s talk about the most crucial factor first which is its thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of any fluid is basically its capacity to conduct the heat from one end to another. In the case of computers, the thermal paste is applied between the CPU and heatsink so that it can quickly absorb heat from the CPU and push it towards the heat sink for further heat dissipation.The thermal conductivity of a thermal paste is represented in the W/mK unit where higher thermal conductivity rated options are generally better. But, you also need to consider your cooling system before you buy a heavy duty option. There is no point in getting a 15 W/mK thermal paste if you are applying it over a stock cooler that has very limited cooling performance.Quantity of Thermal PasteThe quantity of thermal paste available in the package should only concern you if you are planning more than one application with the paste. In any thermal paste pack, you will be getting at least 2 grams of paste available in the syringe that can easily get multiple applications performed with ease.Any less than that would be a problem as it won’t allow you to do overs if something goes wrong the first time. Also, you should be able to store the thermal paste securely if there is an ample quantity available in the package that you cannot use at once. The best way to store thermal paste is to keep it as it is in the syringe itself and keep the syringe locked in an airtight container. Having multiple syringes helps in such a case as you only need to open one at a time for an application.Thermal Paste CompoundThe chemical compound of a thermal plays an important role in its performance and stability. There are a lot of different chemicals used by different brands to make a thermal paste by which they manage to achieve a certain level of thermal conductivity and provide that at a certain budget. Generally, you should take a look at reviews of previous users if you want a quick idea about the stability and useability of the thermal paste.You can also look into the compounds used in the making of the thermal paste to make sure that there are no harmful compounds used that can be hazardous for the system. The thermal paste compound needs to be thermally conductive and electrically non-conductive for best performance.TDP of Your SystemTDP stands for the thermal design power of a system. You will be more familiar with this term if you own a laptop instead of a desktop computer as TDP is used to determine the input requirement and power capacity of the laptop. While buying a thermal paste, you should consider examining your system and calculate the average TDP of your CPU or GPU and make sure your thermal paste can suffice its requirements. For higher TDP, you will be needing a high quality thermal paste whereas a standard option will be good enough for mid-range builds. The TDP rating of your system also helps you to determine the suitable temperature range that must be supported by your thermal paste.ConclusionMost people prefer high end thermal paste bought separately for the application. Also, you would need a thermal paste in case you are cleaning your computer and willing to reapply the paste to increase the temperature statistics of the CPU. In any case, you will find the best thermal paste on our list today. If you are not sure which option is right for you, look at some of the best options available below.High thermal conductivity is crucial for heavy load applications. If you are using your computer for longer sessions, the SYY 2 CPU Paste Thermal Compound Paste is going to be perfect for your needs. While SYY only provides 2 grams of paste in every package, you will be getting a thermal conductivity of 15.7 W/mK, which is best in comparison.Talking about the quantity of thermal paste, Thermal Grizzly beats all other choices by offering a large 5.55 grams syringe full of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste. It has a high thermal conductivity of 12.5 W/mK and is suitable for multiple applications for the same of different computers.Lastly, we will recommend the Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste as the best value for money option from our list. Noctua is known for premium yet reliable and high performance products and the Noctua NT-H1 is no exception for that. You will be getting 3.5 grams of thermal paste with a suitable temperature range of -50°C to 110°C that covers standard as well as gaming computers.Related Posts:How To Clean Thermal Paste Off CPUHow to Apply Thermal PasteWhat is a Heat Sink? Heat Sink TypesWhat is Reflow Soldering - Complete GuideWater Cooling Vs. Air CoolingWhat is Solder Paste and How to Use It



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9 Best Thermal Paste in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide-Electron-FMUSER FM/TV Broadcast One-Stop Supplier? ›

Choosing the best thermal paste is also important if you plan on overclocking your rig to its fullest. Even the best CPUs for gaming can often hit slightly higher CPU overclocks if they're paired with a good thermal paste.

Does it matter what brand of thermal paste I use? ›

Choosing the best thermal paste is also important if you plan on overclocking your rig to its fullest. Even the best CPUs for gaming can often hit slightly higher CPU overclocks if they're paired with a good thermal paste.

What thermal paste has the highest thermal conductivity? ›

The Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut is a carbon-based thermal pad that offers an insanely high thermal conductivity rating of 62.5 W/mk. Just like with the BSFF thermal paste, carbon-based thermal compounds are excellent heat conductors, making them a great choice for high-performance CPUs.

Is there anything better than thermal paste? ›

Beeswax is a valid alternative to thermal paste. Like all other alternatives, it can only work for a few days. It then becomes extremely brittle, and it is very easy for it to break. If it can be stabilized it is a good solution.

Can you put too much thermal paste on a CPU? ›

An insufficient amount might not cover the surface area needed in order to be effective. Too much reduces the efficacy of the paste, due to the metal surfaces being too far apart, and also risks spilling out onto the motherboard during installation.

Can thermal paste last 20 years? ›

Your thermal paste can last as short as 2 years to as long as 10 years depending on the cooling system, weather, usage, and the quality of the compound. Before you think of reapplying the thermal paste, check your CPU temperature.

Is premium thermal paste worth it? ›

Premium thermal paste will not only last for longer, but it also has a superior ability to transfer heat. This means it can be applied more thinly and evenly and can still transfer heat faster and cool down the CPU more efficiently.

Is too much or too little thermal paste worse? ›

Is too little thermal paste bad? Simply put, yes. You shouldn't apply too little thermal paste on your CPU. If you notice gaps in the layer you've applied, we recommend you apply more or start over.

What is the most thermally conductive liquid? ›

Water. Water is one of the best choices for liquid cooling applications due to its high heat capacity and thermal conductivity. It is also compatible with copper, which is one of the best heat transfer materials to use for your fluid path.

What has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity? ›

Silver is the most electrically conductive metal, as well as having a high thermal conductivity. This is due to the fact that silver has just one valence electron.

Which thermal pastes are electrically conductive? ›

Silver thermal compounds may have a conductivity of 3 to 8 W/(m·K) or more, and consist of micronized silver particles suspended in a silicone/ceramic medium. However, metal-based thermal paste can be electrically conductive and capacitive; if some flows onto the circuits, it can lead to malfunction and damage.

Can Vaseline be used as thermal paste? ›

Another solution to use as thermal paste can be obtained by mixing very fine aluminum powder with vaseline oil. The mixture must be blended for at least 10 minutes, in order to avoid the presence of little air bubbles.

What are the disadvantages of thermal paste? ›

Too little paste can leave gaps and too much paste can leak, creating a mess or contaminating other components. Not all thermal paste is the same. Low-quality compounds can dry out or leak, reducing the heat transfer efficiency.

Can toothpaste work as thermal paste? ›

Although toothpaste may look like a sticky compound like thermal paste, it doesn't have any heat-conducting materials in it. Again, some brands and flavors of toothpaste may contain heat conduction materials that work well as a substitute for thermal paste; the chances of that are slim.

Do you spread thermal paste? ›

Put a pea-sized thermal paste dot at the center of the CPU surface. Use the spreader to evenly spread out the paste across the surface of the CPU. Make sure to use a bit of force so the paste spreads out as expected. Keep spreading until the paste is distributed across the CPU in a smooth, even, and spotless layer.

How do I know if I applied too much thermal paste? ›

You'll know immediately if you put too much thermal paste on your CPU – if you push down on the heatsink and globules pour over the sides. You may feel a small pang in the middle of your chest – “I did something wrong.” Don't worry, you haven't. Or maybe not just yet.

Does thermal paste expire? ›

Do Thermal Compounds have an expiration date? Depends on the contents of the thermal compound but most should have a shelf life of around 2 years, if the cap was placed on properly and it was stored in a cool location out of the sun light.

What happens if you reuse old thermal paste? ›

Is it ok to reuse thermal paste? It isn't recommended to reuse thermal paste. This type of paste loses solvent under heat within a real-life application. In these conditions, thermal paste tends to crack and dry out, losing its ability concerning thermal transfer.

How long do you have to wait after applying thermal paste? ›

A good-quality thermal paste starts working immediately and you don't have to wait for it to settle down. The primary purpose of thermal paste is to fill in the air gaps between the CPU and the heatsink. And it can do that job perfectly fine right after it's applied.

What happens if thermal paste dries? ›

Dried or “cured” thermal paste can lead to serious cracking and a loss of heat transfer ability.

Does changing old thermal paste make a difference? ›

If your use is easier going and you're using quality pastes, you should only need to change it every couple of years. In general, changing thermal paste every one to two years is a good idea. However, we would not recommend relying solely on timeframes to monitor when you need to change your thermal paste.

Do I apply thermal paste to CPU or heatsink? ›

Ideally, applying the thermal paste will be the last step before mounting your heatsink. Make sure you place your cooler on as straight as possible the first time. If you have to turn it to line up the holes after it's already place, the thermal paste will not spread properly.

Is thicker thermal paste better? ›

A high-viscosity thermal paste, on the other hand, behaves more like a solid. It doesn't flow that easily and could be harder to spread using a spreader or spatula. But — it sits better on the CPU once you have applied it correctly. Simply put, you don't want a paste that's too thin or too thick.

What is the best CPU paste pattern? ›

The “Five Dots” method is a variation on the previous pattern as it applies 5 dots evenly to the CPU. This is the recommended method for beginners as it evenly distributes thermal paste to most of the CPU, including the middle, and also has a low risk of spillage.

What is a common mistake when applying thermal paste Why? ›

The most common mistake is using too much thermal paste. Excess thermal paste interferes with and spoils the correct heat dissipation. Additionally, there is the possibility of paste spilling over to the outside and placing the system in danger.

Should I use spatula for thermal paste? ›

So we have concluded that spreading thermal paste with a spatula is the best way to apply it. This method prevents leakage to other areas of the CPU, there is no waste of thermal paste, and all the corners are adequately covered.

Do you need to remove old thermal paste before applying new one? ›

Before applying a new layer of thermal paste, you must first remove any old thermal paste from both the processor surface and the heat sink.

How long can a CPU run without thermal paste? ›

A normal user who doesn't do any heavy tasks on their computer doesn't need to replace thermal paste very often. They can do away with replacing the thermal paste every 2 years on the CPU and every 5-8 years on the GPU.

Can low quality thermal paste cause overheating? ›

Yes. A dried-out thermal paste can cause overheating. A traditional thermal paste is made out of an organic solvent, as well as a heat conductor. The solvent serves the purpose of filling in all the air gaps between the heatsink and the CPU, while the conductor transfers the heat between the two.

What is the best thermally conductive element? ›

Which Metals Conduct Heat The Best?
Common metals ranked by thermal conductivity
RankMetalThermal Conductivity [BTU/(hr·ft⋅°F)]
2 more rows
Feb 17, 2016

What is the best heat transfer oil? ›

Therminol 66 is the world's most popular high temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer fluid. Therminol 66 is pumpable at low temperatures, and offers high-temperature thermal stability.

What liquid retains heat the best? ›

Based on research, the saltwater will hold heat the longest because saltwater has more molecules than freshwater.

What are the 4 most conductive metals? ›

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at four of the most conductive metals in the world and talk a bit about them.
  1. Silver. This one may surprise you, but it's the truth – silver is the most conductive metal on the planet. ...
  2. Copper. ...
  3. Gold. ...
  4. Aluminium.

What solid has the best thermal and electrical conductivity? ›

Metallic Solids

For example, graphite has a relatively high electrical conductivity within the carbon planes, and diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of any known substance.

What is the best insulator of electricity? ›

The most effective electrical insulators to provide a barrier between conductors to keep electric currents under control are: Rubber. Glass. Pure water.

What material is electrically insulating but thermally conductive? ›

The most common material with thermal conductivity but electrical insulation is Mica (Phyllosilicate).

What material is thermally conductive but not electrically conductive? ›

A heat transfer material comprised of a polymeric material and a nitride or oxide is provided and is thermally conductive, but electrically non-conductive. The polymeric material may be silicone rubber, and the nitride or oxide may be aluminum nitride, boron nitride, silicon nitride, aluminum oxide or beryllium oxide.

Is Grizzly thermal paste electrically conductive? ›

Not electrically conductive

Excellent thermal conductivity. Capacity: 1 g. Temperature range: -200°C / + 350°C.

What is the easiest thermal paste to apply? ›

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

This paste is very easy to apply and clean up, making it a favorite among system builders.

Can diaper rash cream be used as thermal paste? ›

It's important to remember though that while both products are nearly identical, diaper rash cream has a lot of extra stuff including a higher water content so use just a tiny drop on the end of a toothpick and replace it with real thermal paste ASAP. I don't know if it's the best one, but it works well.

Why not use a liquid metal thermal paste? ›

However, this is not without risk. Under no circumstances can liquid metal thermal paste be used with heat spreaders or cooler bases made of aluminum. Common ingredients of liquid metal TIM, gallium and indium, cause a heavy chemical reaction with aluminum and the light metal will become brittle.

Should you use liquid metal instead of thermal paste? ›

Liquid metal has a much higher thermal conductivity than most thermal pastes, ranging from 60 to 80 W/mK, compared to 5 to 15 W/mK for typical pastes. This means it can transfer heat more quickly and effectively, resulting in lower CPU temperatures and potentially higher overclocking potential.

Can I use toilet paper to clean thermal paste? ›

It's not recommended to clean thermal paste using toilet paper. In any case, you should stay away from trying it, even if you don't have any other solution at hand. In such a situation, you'd want to wait until you find a more optimum solution to clean up the paste.

Is hydrogen peroxide good for thermal paste? ›

I have one simple question, can i use hydrogen peroxide as whiping alcohol and clean my old thermal paste on the cpu ? I would not recommend it. Hydrogen peroxide is much more volatile than isopropyl alcohol. It could easily react with your thermal paste and is very conductive.

What is not enough thermal paste? ›

If the thermal paste you have applied is insufficient, it won't be able to fill in all the air gaps. Hence, the heat will not be able to travel from the CPU to the heat sink in the best possible way.

Does thermal paste work better over time? ›

In most cases, such a paste might take up to 200 hours to fully settle down. On the other hand, a good-quality thermal paste gives out maximum performance from the beginning. So, you will see as much improvement as possible from the first minute, so there will be no performance improvement over time.

Can thermal paste last 10 years? ›

Do Thermal Compounds have an expiration date? Depends on the contents of the thermal compound but most should have a shelf life of around 2 years, if the cap was placed on properly and it was stored in a cool location out of the sun light.

Does thermal paste get bad over time? ›

Thermal paste will degrade over time. Sure, you can choose high-quality thermal paste for a longer-lasting solution, but the heat from the CPU will dry out the thermal paste over time and cause it to degrade eventually.

Does thermal paste ever go bad? ›

Although high-end compounds can maintain efficacy up to 7 years after installation, manufacturers recommend removing any thermal paste from your CPU's heat-spreader and CPU Cooler every 2-3 years to be on the safe side.

How do I know if I used too much thermal paste? ›

Sandwiches don't work - When you apply too much thick thermal paste between the metal surfaces, it will result in a big chunk of paste in the middle and no surface connecting. As a result, it actually reduces the efficacy of the paste.

What happens when thermal paste dries out? ›

Dried or “cured” thermal paste can lead to serious cracking and a loss of heat transfer ability.

Where should I store thermal paste? ›

Store in a cool and dry place

To prevent this, you should store your thermal paste in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, radiators, or other heat sources. Ideally, you should keep it in an airtight container or a ziplock bag to protect it from dust and moisture.

How do I clean thermal paste off my CPU? ›

Clean the paste from the CPU using isopropyl alcohol and a cloth. Keep the CPU in the socket and gently remove the paste. Don't be heavy handed and take your time. Any paste in recesses can be cleaned using a cotton swab.

Can too much thermal paste overheat? ›

Yes. A dried-out thermal paste can cause overheating. A traditional thermal paste is made out of an organic solvent, as well as a heat conductor. The solvent serves the purpose of filling in all the air gaps between the heatsink and the CPU, while the conductor transfers the heat between the two.

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